I have been interested in filmmaking since 2017 at the age of ten where I started to experiment with an iPad and a group of friends. In 2020, I then started to dabble in animation and then produced my first animated short called "The Nightmare Granny".
Then, I saw a competition in my local area called Northampton Film Festival and made a second animated short film called "Work Warfare" which won runner up in the Schools Competition and has been selected in various other film festivals. After, I made another animated short called "Inner Peace".
After this, I self-taught myself CGI in Blender and Unreal Engine which led me to make my first live-action short called "No Time To Explain" at the age of 15 which has gone on to be selected and win in some film festivals.
Since then, I have been doing varying client projects and work experience to sharpen my filmmaking skills in all aspects and to build knowledge on parts of the production process to become a more all-rounded filmmaker. Recently, I have been learning more about live broadcasting by helping with a weekly 20 minute broadcast while creating my next short film called 'The Virtual Games' which is a film made almost entirely on greenscreen where I am using Unreal Engine to create the backgrounds, Nuke to composite and Houdini and Blender for the full-CG shots and should be releasing soon.
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